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As Pacificans, we take pride in our community and the quality of our schools.  To ensure our schools maintain a high level of performance and our children receive more than just the basics, the Pacifica community must act locally to address state shortfalls. 

Our Story

PEF's mission is to ensure all the children of Pacifica receive a quality education by providing supplemental funding to the Pacifica School District (PSD). We raise money through community outreach and other fund-raising activities to address education needs that the State of California has eliminated or under funds. PEF volunteers work with PSD, parents and community advisors to identify areas of critical need in instruction and educational support and the PEF Board then directs those funds to PSD for use in these selected areas.



21st Century Education

21CE is a combination of skills ranging from critical thinking to self-directed learning, all with an underpinning of technology as tools for producing work, communicating with others and achieving goals. For students and teachers, this means using technology to gather and analyze data, discover applied mathematics, explore the sciences and communicate within classrooms and across networks in their school, across our District and across the world.


Music Matters in Pacifica (MMiP)

Today, PEF's MMiP supports the Middle School Band program by providing about $20,000 in annual funding for essential expenses such as sheet music, venue rentals, instrument purchase and repair and more. With additional funding, PEF will extend music education to the elementary K-5 grades ensuring an equitable and consistent music education for all the children in our District.

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